Questar Productions is a multi-talented, ever-changing group of dedicated , talented Villagers. Our “quest” is to stage the best of Broadway and original, innovative dance and musical reviews. Opulent costuming and visual effects are the hallmarks of Questar.  Over the past 5 years,  300 Villagers have been “stars", and  $17,000 has been donated to charity.  Questar’s most recent production “Andrew Lloyd Webber: The Magic and the Music” was a  3 night sellout at the Savannah Center.




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World Premier of Savannah Center Christmas Spectacular • December 3-5, 2015 • Savannah Center

"An extravaganza of high-kicking Villagettes, tap-dancing toys and dolls, and the unforgettable arrival of the three kings all wrapped in the hallmark of Questar Productions' opulent costuming and visual splendor."